If ventilation is your issue..            Then this is the right place for you…

We manufacture for you:

Hoses for ventilation in mining and tunnelling.

These include flat ducts and spiral ducts in all finishes, as well as special parts, such as Y-pieces, branches, and transitional pieces! All are flexible and fit the entire system!

Whether you are working on a large project of many kilometres or in need of a short spacer – we have the proper hose! We also manufacture hoses for the construction of shafts.


Hoses for tents and construction ventilation

Whether warm or cold air – we are your partner when it comes to easy and readily available hoses, with many sizes available off the shelf. We boast innovations with these as well! The flexible pressure tower is as an attractive alternative to the known models made of sheet metal! View the video here!

…but there is not only air going through our hoses…


Schauenburg agility sports

Schauenburg dog agility tunnels have for years been viewed as an ultimate in agility sports. There are constant alterations and innovations here as well. Visit our shop:


Schauenburg water protection hose

A further new development is the water protection hose. “…to make sure that the water is detained and diverted from protected objects with little effort. This hose is made of sturdy PVC coated polyester fabric, has a diameter of 400 mm and is filled with water from the network if necessary. It reaches a height of about 20 cm. The standard lengths are 2, 4, and 8 m. After the water levels have dropped, the hose is emptied again through admission or exhaust valves and can be folded or rolled up to save space.” More info here…