Layflat ducting


All connectors produced by us are of a flexible material. The PVC covered end rings made of spring steel wire have a special feature: If deformed, they spring back again to their round cross section. Rigid iron rings or metal clips do not have this option; damaged ones must be replaced, costing time and money.

Various connection options:

Quick connection clamp made of plastic with toggle clasp (KSV): allows easy and quick installation without any additional tools or installation aids,

Open design plastic connection clamp with screw lock (HP-VK): versatile in use, mainly for ducts with reinforced end rings,

Closed version zipper connection: ideal for larger diameters,

Integrated duct connection: One of the ducts ends is equipped as a clamp with screw lock, the other is provided with end ring.

Whatever connection system you choose, we help you to find the optimal solution.