Layflat ducting


We produce our ducting, as well as all other products, exclusively in Germany. The wall materials are produced in Germany as well and meet highest quality demands according to the latest technological standards. Each material batch is tested for quality (to quality assurance system according to ISO 9001), guaranteeing excellent quality material.

The surface is smooth and reduces the air resistance through a double-sided PVC coating of the fabric. Therefore, our ducts are air tight, consume less energy and are less expensive than products coated on one side.

The resistance (flat ducts) corresponds to the lambda value of hydraulic, smooth pipe with an optimal installation and connection.

Our ducts additionally feature a high tear strength at the same m2 weight through the special wall materials; they are cold and heat resistant (-25 C° up to +70 C°) and are partly homogeneously antistatic. This means that the antistatic is consistent and exists unchanged after years.

Our antistatic qualities of the types A and B are LOBA approved. In addition, the LOBA approval includes a hygiene and filter test, which certifies the safety of material combined with breathing masks by the fire department in case of fire.

The LOBA approval is not only a simple certificate for certain properties, developed in the 1970s together with the Deutsche Steinkohle AG, it was the starting point for many DIN standards in the field of special ventilation systems, standards which we meet to this day!

Our quality features at a glance:

Technical data of our duct wall materials

Quality XX Y A* B*
Beam material PES PES PES PES
Denier 1100 dtex 1100 dtex 1100 dtex 1100 dtex
Coating type PVC PVC PVC PVC
Total weight min. g/m² 550g 700g 600g 800g
Breaking stress in N/5cm, warp and weft approx. 1750/1500 2500/2500 1500/1500 2500/2500
Tear growth resistance in N, warp and weft approx. 400/400 500/500 400/400 500/500
Cold resistance -25°C -25°C -25°C -25°C
Heat resistance +70°C +70°C +70°C +70°C
Flammability ISO 3795 <100mm <100mm * *
Oxygen index after DIN EN ISO 4589-2 27 27
Colour gray gray black black
Homogeneous antistatic no no <1×106 Ω <1×106 Ω

* Qualities A and B with LOBA approval for the German coal and conformity declaration of the EXAM, Bochum, according to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

The permissible operating pressure for all diameters can be calculated on the basis of the tear resistance for every quality named above.

We will gladly inform you about the quality of our products in a consultation. Please contact us!