Accessoires for Schauenburg FLEXADUX ventilation ducts

We produce molded parts according to high-quality standards from duct wall material, individually and tailored to your needs. So we can offer you enormous flexibility of our ducts that adapt perfectly to your conditions. Any design is possible:

Description Operating range
Connection pieces blowing/sucking
Transition pieces blowing/sucking
Branch pieces only blowing
Y-Pieces only blowing
T-pieces only blowing

We also produce arches made of flexible wall materials for the optimization of the flow behavior! Please contact us!

On request, we also manufacture branch, Y and T-pieces from sheet metal, which can be used for blowing and sucking.

Repair kits

Despite the highest quality and best workmanship, ducts can be damaged through external influences. Holes and cracks reduce the actual function of the duct. The consequences are always high energy costs. You are not on the safe side with our repair kit; you will also save money and time. Various repairs are possible during and after the expansion:

  • Circular needles in combination with repairing yarn used for sealing tears.
  • Repair glue (PVC glue with strips of special wall material) is particularly suitable for small tears.
  • After the expansion, even larger damages of our ducts can be made fully operational again, it can be sealed professionally, quickly and cleanly with a hot air tool and a patch.
  • Holes and tears can be sealed during the operation with duct sealing plates (108 mm diameter) and oval seals (200/300/400 mm length). A special advantage is the reusability of these parts.

Additionally we offer sealing collars in different lengths, which can fix large/long leaks. These consist of the same wall material as the duct and fully adapt themselves to the duct thanks to a special fixating system.

Whatever type of equipment you need: just contact us. We offer individual solutions so that your project will be successfully implemented.